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"Complete privacy means no personal data breaches or obtaining. This solves to end private, high secuirty informations and identities."

"Charity Compassion Coin succeeds & solves the ability of humanitarian aid funds constantly moving securely, in the un-hackable blockchain ecosystem."

Charity Compassion Coin Solves Charitable Asset Protection With Blockchain


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Charity Compassion Coin: 

Utility Purpose:

A humanitarian giving coin with un-hackable blockchain technology to protect all asset classes. 

Charity based smart-contracts and payments of charity gifts to any kosher/appropriate non-profit charity organization.

"CCC solves direct needed relief support that will save lives locally to globally."

"Seamless charity based non-profit donations on the blockchain anywhere globally!"

"CCC utilizes blockchain technology allowing charitable funds  to be networked globally. Aid relief is able to be ledgered to be received where any locality of massive relief funds are needing."

National & International Government


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Charity Compassion Coin brings together the unity of national government, needing to at any moments time, to move any fiat type currency, onto the blockchain as Charity Compassion Coins. 

Encrypted historical accounts of these transactions are forever traceable into an un-hackable blockchain vault wallet, then sent directly to address any humanitarian crisis', immediately anywhere in the world. 

The ability of billions of dollars constantly moving as secured humanitarian relief funds with blockchain technology is now possible. National security among fiat monies becomes the highest importance, needing the highest privacy level of this sensitive data and encrypted funds.

Protocol among top secret privacy is priority in any global crisis', involving relief funding from world powers. With blockchain the fear of acts of physical or cyber terrorism occurring to humanitarian relief funds being received is diminished.

This further connects along with aid worker's safety, by working in the encrypted currency space, than direct coin or paper monies while stationed in potentially hostile world environments.

Charity Compassion Coin on the blockchain tracks analytics of day to day fluxes in charitable aid types.

Analytical data, tracked through the power of blockchain. This solves to give an in-depth look into, and for National Governments to see which humanitarian charity sectors are needing more support help, compared to others.

"CCC Blockchain technology moves globally. Now any locality can securely receive seamless funding, through the needed outlet currency to solve survival of economy and humanity as upmost importance.

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G20 Can Now Effectively Regulate


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Any Government Now Has A Newfound Ability For Securing Regulations Over Charity and Non Profit Legitimacy.

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