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Community heath and wellness is the root to global connectivity of compassionate hearts and minds together. 

Starting from the self and scaling up, you as an individual truly can give back within your community to build a stronger self and a stronger world altogether.

You as an individual can feel healthy and happy that you have compassion'd yourself to better your locality, further influencing even your neighboring localities to join in their own ways also.



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Integrate with the CCC GIVE Ecosystem Foundation.

Charity Compassion Coin's GIVE project builder, always seeks and currently succeeds for charitable individuals and community spaces.

Integrating yourself into the cryptocurrency space now allows easy and safe charitable giving through localized philanthropy, directly through the vast possibilities of using blockchain technology appropriately as a positive force for community action.

Experience now how this blockchain ecosystem truly helps societies solving question of secure, immediate, humanitarian aid.

In-Depth Yet Simple Process


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Together we start from your heart felt compassionate vision of giving.

Secure your project investment onto the blockchain to be appropriated in the form of Charity Compassion Coin's side currency: GIVES. 

With the power of Charity Compassion Coin's "GIVES" currency, an entire ecosystem functioning together of likeminded, charitable, local community based projects, is possible up to the tune of over four trillion dollars, globally moving together. 

Ensuring stabilized and un-hackable fund building and giving to each and every communities charitable needs, GIVES will see to help raise secure funding of your personal vision to life of a better community. 

Wether it be your town/city/regional school classrooms, food pantries, nature cleanups, or any kosher helping aspect, we are right there with you always through blockchain technology.

Raise The GIVE Project Funding


Once we have worked together in your idea and GIVE Build project startup, we build you a public digital GIVE profile wallet link and digital donate button for your local community members to seamlessly and securely donate any amounts directly through money currency and into blockchain technology security as GIVES. 

Once your needed charitable project is funded to your capital needs, the funds are released to begin your project becoming into fruition and success.

Keeping Trust Always Between You And Your Donators


Or opt for us to do all the legwork of directing GIVES secured from your fundraising monies into direct physical supplies, such as classroom necessities to an underfunded school, more food in non profit food pantries, or cleanup supplies to a nature conservation project, blockchain technology ensures trust and protection of the charitable project always succeeding.

Whether Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR or any global currency type, the charitable capital is then secured into Charity Compassion Coin's escrow holdings, always viewable on the blockchain publicly by yourself and any of your donators. 

Your GIVE Build capital totals are then transferred directly into payment or supplies in relation to the location of the needed GIVE project being built and succeeded no matter what currency type or physical charitable supplies needed.



Charity Compassion Coin then finalizes the GIVES donated project funding you have raised through your community space. 

Together we securely transfer into the needed localized currency and or physical supplies, to fund directly your GIVE Build Project needed amount. 

From your community members donated funded contributions or even other cryptocurrencies if need be, we accept and work with succeeding the main goal, the charitable project succeeding overall start to finish.

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