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Innovative Technology Of Smart Charitable Giving! Trough TRON Foundation's Blockchain Technology!


Charitable Giving through the un-hackable security of blockchain technology.


Compassion Yourself Today!

Charity Compassion Coin (CCC) is a charity foundation utilizing blockchain technology through the TRON.Network and online that is the home of the Charity Compassion Coin (CCC) cryptocurrency.

With the GIVE Builder found at the Charity Compassion Coin ecosystem:, any size of private/public philanthropy or Government humanitarian aid needs and projects may be created and fully customizable. Once created the charitable project smart contract and funding then enters the un-hackable blockchain to move anywhere globally where the project is taking place and succeeded by our team founders.

Charity Compassion Coin (CCC) and Tron (TRX)

The Charity Compassion Coin (CCC) cryptocurrency is housed within the new TRON Network blockchain ecosystem and will utilize free TRON TRX cryptocurrency as the transaction fee or fuel.


With TRON’s TRX TPS (Transactions Per Second) at amazingly fast speeds, with the lowest possible/next to no fee of transactions, no bank transfer or other crypto based network like Bitcoin or otherwise, can match TRON Labs technology. Securing a charitable project or humanitarian aid needs through blockchain transfer in the amounts of millions upon millions of dollars will only utilize a cost of mere pennies through TRON’s Network.

Mission Statement 


With the upcoming Charity Compassion Coin DApp concept for all Smartphones, the CCC “GIVE Builder“ app will allow anyone globally on the go to access TRON TRX and the Charity Compassion Coin cryptocurrencies.


The app then allows you to utilize, concept, build/create and launch the same fully customizable charitable and philanthropy projects that can be found through Charity Compassion Coin’s internet secure Giver Builder online.


With the CCC GIVE Builder app now your philanthropy based charitable project, government or any official of political body and the humanitarian relief project needs, are securely and at any moment succeeded.


Anywhere in the world at any time on the go. 

This is the power of Charity Compassion Coin’s DApp and the TRON Labs Blockchain Technology allows and succeed for all of the world.

Compassion todays world, to save the world as it will be tomorrow.

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