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Charity Compassion Coin: TRON SR Campaign

Campaign & AirDrop Overview

Everyone who wishes to take place in AirDrops will simply need to send at least one TRX or more to our TRON Representative Wallet: 


Each TRX sent to Charity Compassion Coin CCC SR Wallet at receives in return 1 Charity Compassion Coin’s in AirDrop.

Voter participation is a 1:1 TRX:CCC Ratio. Each TRX spent into CCC SR wallet becomes a permanent frozen vote by our own accord and organization. In return you receive the Charity Compassion Coin TRC10 token.

-You may then freely spend back into ecosystem to GIVE to different charitable campaigns running or here at

-Or you may HODL to give to your children to teach about charitable giving and self compassion.

 Token Overview: 

52 Billion Charity Compassion Coin (CCC)'s in all in the TRON Foundation blockchain network.


50 Billion for Global use and circulation via charitable GIVE Builders, Governments/politicians and cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

2 Billion are frozen for the next 3-5 years in Charity Compassion Coin's Treasury.

Where To Vote

Standard voting:

Click the button below to visit, create a wallet and store your TRX. Follow the site instructions in your wallet account on how to vote.

At the "Votes" tab, scroll to where you see Charity Compassion Coin, and simply add your votes!

*(KYC Registration Form At Bottom Of Page Here If You Would Like Your Identity Known For Your Charitable Compassion).*

***Note: KYC is not required if you wish to remain anonymous.***


TRON LIVE Coverage of CCC SR Campaign

Come take part and see our official interview with the Tron Foundation!

View our live stream interview with the Tron Foundation by selecting the "CCC TRON LIVE INTERVIEW(S)" button to the right.

Visit the Tron Live Page

Check back with the Tron Live online site to see new updates and content related to the Charity Compassion Coin projects and developments!


KYC SR Voter Registration (If You Would Like To Be Known)

Register Your Identity Information Here: *All Informations Are Private, Never Sold Or Shared And Always Secured By Encryption*

Charity Compassion Coin (CCC)

+1 4132372040